An online Nintendo / SEGA emulator made for iOS devices.


About Aurora

Aurora puts NES, GBC, GB, SMS, and GG games right in your pocket. No longer will you have to worry about finding a signed app to download that could be revoked at any time. Web-based emulators are now the future.

Two-Player NES Support

Have fond memories of playing Super Mario Bros. 3 with a second controller? Aurora supports switching to second player controls so you can pass your device to friend for their turn.

NES Cheat Codes

Adding cheat codes from the settings page allows you to have infinite lives, invicibility, and more. All original Game Genie codes work!

Customizable Skins

Aurora equips OpenSkin to allow for full customization. Existing skins from apps like Eclipse and Mojo will work along with Aurora.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a game?

On the main screen, press the + button and then sources. Choose a ROM from the list to add to your library. For legal reasons, you should only run ROMs that you own a physical copy of.

Why wont audio play?

Audio currently doesn't work on iOS, due to the core(s) not supporting it. A fix will come hopefully in the future.

Why didn't my uploaded ROM save to my library?

Due to iOS Safari limitations, storage is very limited. A whole ROM takes up too much storage, so it can't be saved to your library.

Why is there only one save state?

Again, this is due to Safari's limited storage. A save state takes up too much storage to have more than one. This is also why some games can't save. They're too big.

How do I make an Aurora source?

Making a source is very simple! You'll just need a website to host a json file. Check out this page for more information.